The Battle of Online vs Land-based Casinos

In Online vs Land-based by Gail Ramos

The internet is a force that has revolutionised our everyday life, from the way we live to the way we communicate to the outside world. In almost every aspect of our life, the internet has managed to make itself indispensable. But what happens when it enters the world of gambling? In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of online gambling sites or “Online Casinos” as they are more commonly known.

Land-based casinos have mostly been synonymous with opulence and luxury. The glitzy lights and buzzing atmosphere are for many people as enjoyable as playing the game itself, leaving the players feeling something like a character out of a spy film. To most people who visit such places, the very idea of playing the game in an online avatar at home is incomprehensible.

But now, there is a rising force of hardcore online gamers that have excelled at their respective games without ever having set foot in a real casino in their entire life. These players prefer to play in the comfort of their own home, without having to be surrounded by a mob or travelling long distances.

There may be many reasons why a player might prefer one method over the other, but here are a few points that might help give you a clearer picture about how they differ from each other.

Seat Availability

In a land-based casino, many times you might have to wait for an unoccupied seat at your favourite poker or blackjack table or maybe even the slot machines. It might not happen often, but at one point you’re going to end up waiting especially on the weekend.

But in an online casino, there is an almost unlimited number of seats available at any given point in time. Since software runs them, players can start gambling practically immediately. There are also a wider variety of games since they’re limited only by software specifications rather than floor space.

Money and Finances


One of the significant differences between a land-based and an online casino is the movement of money in and out of the system.

Gambling at a land-based casino lets you carry your money in hard cash or wire it to the casino, essentially converting your cash into casino chips which you can then use to play and switch back to your currency once you’re done playing.

An online casino uses a different method of system for cash flow. The easiest way is usually depositing at the site using a credit card. Some also allow cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and online wallets such as PayPal. However, in some countries banking regulations make it challenging to move money in online casinos, giving land-based casinos an advantage.

Perks and Bonuses

Online casinos usually offer bonuses and other perks on deposits as a way of getting players to try out their games. Anyone starting out at an online casino receives a wide range of offers and bonus deals. Though these may seem like a great idea, it’s important to read the terms and conditions to check for any hidden strings attached.

Land-based casinos don’t offer players bonuses in the same way, though some do have certain days with extra perks or coupons for your games.


In case you want to gamble in a land-based casino, the only restriction is often just your age. Depending on which country you play in, usually, players aged 18 or 21 and above are allowed to play as long as they have the money.

However online casino play is heavily restricted in some places. Some countries are yet to formulate laws to regulate them or are stuck in legal processes. Most of these laws concern the movement of money, as mentioned earlier.


So, who wins in the Battle between Online and Land-based casinos? Honestly, the answer depends on what kind of player you are, what type of games you want to play and what your goal is. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to find out which suits your style better. Of course, no one is restricted to just one type of casino, so feel free to try both out if you want. After all, the most important thing is for the player to enjoy the game, no matter where he plays it.